A new Chapter

It’s no secret we have a lot of kids!  9 in total… ages 20-8 years old.  So of course the last thing on our minds was having more, right? RIGHT? After I had my last baby 8 years ago, I was 100% convinced I was never having any more little babes.  As I went on my journey as a single mom, I continued that thought.  The dating world is an interesting place.  You meet all types of people. The topic of children inevitably comes up in conversation at some point Do you have any?(uhh….) Do you want any? (UHH…) I typically steered clear of these questions, after all I was only dating for fun and to meet new people.  No way in my right mind would I have imagined getting into a serious relationship.  After all, I do have 7 kids!!!  When I met Ben, all of that changed.  Our relationship started out as just good friends.  2 cool, single people hanging out with no commitment.  A little voice in my head kept telling me this WAS different.  He was different.  We tried to deny our connection for a few months.  Eventually, we had THE talk.  I like you. You like me.  A lot.  More than friends.  Are you seeing anyone else? No. Me either.  Maybe we should give this thing a shot?  So we did.  And the rest is history.

The kids met each other and instantly clicked.  We held our breath for the problems everyone talks about.  There were none!  The kids grew to love each other, and  we grew to love each others kids.


Time went on and we had short little conversations consisting of:  What would a baby of our own look like? Act like? Wouldn’t it be nice to be the only 2 people to make the decisions about a child (Our kids are from previous marriages) FYI: Co-parenting is HARD! The short conversations turned into longer ones and one day we asked ourselves “Are we serious? Do we really want to do this?”  We both took a deep breathe and decided to try and see what happened.  It was right before my 39th birthday and I knew time was ticking.  We had no idea if we could even have a baby. In Ben’s previous marriage they had struggled with infertility and they ended up not being able to conceive.  They eventually adopted his 2 beautiful kids.  This was a new journey for me.  Most of my pregnancies were surprises.  I had never thought of trying for a baby. It just happened. Heck, I didn’t even know I was pregnant with my last baby until I was well into my second trimester. A couple months went on and I got a little concerned.  I had a timeframe in my mind.  If we had a baby I wanted it to be born before I turned 40. (The funny timelines we have in our minds!) Everything I read talked about old eggs, advanced maternal age, chromosomal problems … the list went on and on. One morning on September 18th I had a feeling. I very hesitantly got out the stick and took a test.  It said PREGNANT 1-2 weeks.  I blinked a few times and was in complete shock.  All I could think of was how do I tell Ben?  I knew I couldn’t keep the secret very long, so I decided to set up the camera and just tell him.  I led him into the bathroom and handed him the test. He wasn’t really that surprised. He had sensed something was different about me the few days prior.  We decided to wait a bit to tell the kids.  It was still really early and we needed a little time to adjust to the news.  We went about our week, with our little secret. I calculated the estimated due date of this new little babe….May 31, 2017.  3 days before my 40th birthday. I was stoked!

One morning after I drove the kids to school Ben met me at the garage door and told me to close my eyes.  He led me into the family room and showed me a little video he made for me.  It had a little surprise question in it for me.. I was shocked. again.  We finally had the perfect way to tell the kids our big news.  Here is the video Ben showed me, with the kids also watching and reacting to it.

They were all really excited, and shocked!  We are all bracing ourselves for this new adventure as a family.  One that I feel will bind us together even more.

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