Can we Talk about dad’s?


What exactly defines a father?  This question has many answers, and it truly depends on the person.  With our family having so many different people that fill many different roles, we don’t really like labels.  A lot of titles come with a negative connotation… (think Cinderella!)  We want our kids to know that it doesn’t really matter what the “biological”connection is.  What is REALLY important is how you feel about someone… and how they make you feel!  Our kids are fortunate to have so many adults that love them.  Not very long ago I was a single mom with 7 kids. Yes… 7 KIDS!!  I just figured I would be raising my kids alone.



Jon graduating from Boot Camp Jan 2015

Last DayKids

Crockett Kids last day of school May 2015

How in the world could I expect a man to be able to tolerate the craziness my household has? But, just tolerating and accepting my kids wouldn’t be enough.  I knew that in order for me to even consider bringing a man into their lives, he had to love them too.  Accept their flaws, and noise… and most importantly understand that my kids and their needs are my #1 concern.  This seemed like an impossible and exhausting task. Until I met this guy…


Snow Day! December 2014

Over the last 1 year and 10 months I have been astounded by his never ending patience and love for not only his own children and me…. but also for my 7 kids.  He loves and guides all of these 9 little humans in our lives.  He quietly gives advice and support whenever needed.


He taught Jon to shave before he went to boot camp.  He even included Elijah in the male bonding!



Ben truly enjoys spending time as a family.  He understands the little moments in life that are silly, but important to me as a mom.


Ben is always turning everyday adventures into a learning lesson.  He doesn’t rush the kids as they ask questions.  He makes them feel good about themselves and their accomplishments. Truth be told, he finds as much joy in the little things life has to discover as the kids do!




Ben shows no favorites.  The kids all love him and he loves them.  His strong, quiet demeanor removes every sense of competition between them.  He has the ability to make them each feel special.  He receives the up most respect from all of them.  He has never demanded it…. they give it to him freely.



Ben’s birthday February 2015

One of the things that makes Ben special is that he is able to find interest in the things the kids enjoy. Playing games, looking at a crafts, rolling down a hill… He meets them at their level, but always challenges their thinking.  He asks them thought provoking questions.  He wants them to observe and think.


Rolling down a hill. Settlers Park June 2015

This year for Father’s Day, my kids knew they would be gone visiting their dad.  So, before they left they wanted to leave some notes for Ben that I could give him on Father’s day.  Elijah wanted to draw a picture of Ben.  He got to his hair/beard and he said “mama… you know Ben’s hair isn’t REALLY red.  It’s orange.  Do you think he will be mad if I make it orange instead of red?”


Father’s Day gifts 2015

So, the morning of Father’s Day I gave Ben all of his letters.  He read them.  And I think maybe he cried a little.  Because he is true to himself….they love him.


Ben and Josh spent some dude time playing Laser Tag.  Evette and I spent the day shopping for special little gifts for her dad that were thoughtful to him.  We had a great day…. I really cherish the times when we get one on one with the kids.  Once we got home we made Ben a special lunch…




Ben jumped in on the fun and tried rolling a couple of Spring rolls.   The day was perfect.


Father’s Day 2015

It takes a special man to love a single mom.  Ben is that guy for me.  All of our children and I are better because he is in our lives.  Ben… you are loved!


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