Meet our Tribe!

Hello! Welcome to Our Tribe Life! Our journey began December 2013…. and hasn’t slowed down since.  Our family has a lot of unique elements, as do most families… So instead of trying to define our relationships by the typical labels, we have decided to just teach our kids that family is who you love.  This has relieved a lot of pressure… the kids (all 9 of them!) are incredibly lucky to have many people who love them.  So… Meet our tribe members:



Jon graduated from High School last year, and after much thought and consideration he joined the United States Marines. This was a huge change in our family dynamic.  He just recently had 9 days of leave and came home for a visit before shipping off to Japan for 2 years. We decided  to capture this week of family fun on film.  We conducted funny interviews with the kids about their thoughts and feelings, captured great family moments and took all of them on a camping adventure.  The final product was a 6 part film series that highlighted Jon’s  entire visit.  Ben and I began discussing how thankful we were to have  these memories forever captured on film. We also realized that our family has a unique opportunity due to the fact that we have the equipment and skill set to create these beautiful films.We felt every family should have the opportunity to do the same. This is how Tribe Creative Media was born. We have decided to continue capturing our family and making films for our kids to enjoy and be able to share with their children and grandchildren.  You can follow along with us on our YouTube channel.. Tribe Creative Media



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